About FSIA

Full service Insurance Agency, Inc (FSIA) was established when we saw a need in the market place for an agency to get preferred appointment access without feeling like a small fish in a very large lake. For an agency to get a preferred appointment they need to have a good sized book of business with a relatively low loss ratio, to get a good book of business and a low loss ratio you need to have access to preferred carriers, CATCH 22!!

Businessman Giving out CardSo what happens? One of three things:

  1. The agent goes to work for a State Farm, Farmers or Allstate and they are a Captive Agent.
  2. They get appointments with non standard carriers and go down the non standard/broker fee agency world.
  3. They go to an MGA and have no access to the best direct carrier’s; they really get frustrated and don’t know where to go from there.

FSIA is what every agency Needs and Wants!

They want access to the top carriers in the market place without the stress of major production and with the best training to make them an elite marketing agent/agency not just in volume but in profitability.


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